C. Fabius Roman Coin Necklace - Set with 0.12cts Tapared Baguette Diamond in Bail


C. Fabius C.f. Hadrianus. 102 B.C. AR denarius (20 mm, 3.80 g, 7 h). Rome. EX · A · PV, veiled and turreted head of Cybele right / C · FABI· C · F in exergue, Victory, holding goad and reins, driving galloping biga right; below, B· and stork standing right. Crawford 322/1b; Sydenham 590; Fabia 14. Toned. Very fine. 


G-H VS Quality


18k Yellow Gold


20mm Coin


18" Long Aquamarine Beaded Necklace with Jumbo Lobster Claw

C. Fabius Roman Coin Necklace

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