Constantius II & Divus Constantine Roman Coin Earrings - Set with 0.50cts Pave Diamonds (13mm Each Coin) Post & Clip Constantius II (Latin: Flavius Julius Constantius Augustus; 7 August 317 - 3 November 361) was Roman Emperor from 337 to 361. His reign saw constant warfare on the borders against the Sasanian Empire and Germanic peoples, while internally the Roman Empire went through repeated civil wars and usurpations, culminating in Constantius' overthrow as emperor by his cousin Julian. His religious policies inflamed domestic conflicts that would continue after his death. After the passing of Constantine the Great, a series of coins were issued as was done with many previous emperors, the inscription DV stands for divus or divine. This coin type coincided with a 10 year anniversary of his passing, which was issued under the rule of his sons. It was common practice in ancient times to deify an emperor or empress that passed, but it was the first time that a Christian emperor passed whom made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire. It was Constantine that saw a vision from God that said to him HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS or By this sign, conquer and he painted the Chi-Rho (a monogram of Jesus Christ also known as a Christogram) on the shields of his army and wound beating the opposing army. Interesting to note that even though he professed Christianity then, he waited until his deathbed to be baptized, to cleanse the sins he committed being an emperor, in an especially violent period of history. Constantine the Great is also known as Saint Constantine as he is the one that spread Christianity to Roman empire and making it the official religion. It was also the city of Constantinople that he founded (on the site of an older Greek city called Byzantion) that could be considered the continuation of the Roman empire and a bastion of Christianity for almost a 1000 years after the fall of Rome in the late 400's A.D.


G-H VS Quality


18k Yellow Gold


20.70mm W x 20.80mm H

Constantius II & Divus Constantine Roman Coin Earrings

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