Dynasts of Lycia Greek Coin Necklace - Set 0.13cts Pave Diamonds, Hand-Engraved DYNASTS of LYCIA. Khinakha(?). Circa 440/30-400 BC. AR Stater (21mm, 9.94 g). Uncertain mint (Limyra?). Pegasos flying left; uncertain linear symbol above and below; all on convex circular shield with dotted border / Triskeles in linear square within incuse square. Cf. Mseler 74 = SNG von Aulock 4087 = Rosen 719; cf. Falghera 73; SNG Copenhagen Supp.; cf. Reuter 55; CNG E-387, 201 var. (dotted border on rev.). Toned, irregular flan, some die wear, eye tooled on obverse. VF. Very rare.


G-H VS Quality


18k Yellow Gold


21mm Coin


18" Long Oval Cable Chain

Dynasts of Lycia Greek Coin Necklace

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