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BYOCoin Event Successful Stories

It has been rewarding hearing and working with clients as we host BYOCoin (Bring Your Own Coin) events.  

Customers have been bringing in family treasures, coins from their grandparents and parents. Coins from their travels and special times in their lives such as medals, trophies, tokens, etc.  These are some of those unique stories:











We look forward to these shows and the sentiment that comes with each customer.

                                                                                    What’s your story?                                                                                        



                                                                                                The Bondanza Team

Coins Cover_edited.png

A customer brought in a little treasure bag of British coins as she selected the one with the best Tierra on the Queen and asked us to have it completed so she could wear it while watching the Royal wedding on TV!

Another woman brought in a coin she wanted to give her daughter. It was a graduation gift from an Equestrian school she was attending in Vienna.

A customer in NYC brought in her little bag of coins from Israel, she wanted one for each of her children

made into a necklace and a coin ring for herself.  The coins were very old, dark green, and looked amazing once mounted!

A retired woman who was a bank teller brought in her plastic container filled with silver coins that came her way as a teller in the 1970s & 1980s. She was allowed to trade for face value any coin she wished to keep. Selecting one to mount with us was a joy for her to share with her collecting store. Now, wearing it on a long chain.

Another brought in her medal from running a double marathon in Africa, she claimed she had earned many marathon medals but this one was extra special and deserved to be worn.

Another customer wanted to buy our own coin which was the Owl of Athens. This is to be a gift to her daughter as a College graduation gift! The owl represents Wisdom and Athena represents strength in women.

A grandmother came in with her daughter and granddaughter. The grandfather had recently passed away so she wanted to get his coins made for herself, her daughter, and granddaughter.

We had a holiday show that an elderly man who had not planned on bumping into this show saw our beautiful US Coins, he was with his family and went on to tell his family the stories of when he was a boy he began collecting coins. The family knew nothing of this, it was very touching.

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